WISE Course Descriptions

MONDAYS 3:15 – 4:15 pm

Hip Hop Dance (1st – 5th Grade)
Instructor: TranscenDance Studios
Learn the most current hip hop moves and dance to today’s most popular music hits! By the end of the session, students will learn a hip hop dance and perform it for family and friends at an informal showcase the last 10 minutes of class at Whittier. New choreography is presented each session! Dancers should wear comfortable clothing they can move in and gym shoes.Cost: $120 (Min. 6, Max. 16 students)

Learn to Knit (3rd – 5th Grade)
Instructor: Georgina Swanson
This beginner class will introduce students to the basic knitting stitch. We will practice knitting with the goal of making a small bag or pouch by the end of the session.
Cost: $110 (Min. 5, Max. 8 students)  

Chicago Edge Soccer (K – 3rd Grade)
Instructor: Chicago Edge Academy.
The class offers an ideal introduction to the game of soccer brought to you by Chicago Edge, Oak Park’s travel soccer club. Players will be introduced to the fundamentals of the game using games and activities in a dynamic and FUN environment.
Cost: $110 (Min. 6, Max. 14 students)

Ethical Entrepreneurs (2nd – 5th Grade)
Instructor: MAPP Sports
MAPP Sports has created a new offering: a STEM-inspired classroom opportunity to learn the science and marketing behind a very familiar operation: a lemonade stand! Students will work from a workbook (included) and study the acids and bases of the lemon fruit, then move into Sensory Evaluation by creating their own personal lemonade formula while collecting and analyzing their own primary data. Lastly, they’ll learn to market and price their products ethically.  You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to begin shaping kids’ views of how integrity-driven businesses can succeed in the future economy of America. Sign up for the first installment of Ethical Entrepreneurs today!  Entrepreneurs will need to bring a calculator and pencil or pen to class.
Cost: $100 (Min. 4; Max 10 students)

TUESDAYS 3:15 – 4:15 pm

YogaKids (K – 5th Grade)
Instructor: Kim Vulinovic
We’ll stretch like dogs and fly like eagles! YogaKids classes use yoga as a springboard for education. Each class explores a different theme through movement, storytelling and meditation. Poses strengthen and stretch muscles. Breathing naturally tunes kids into their energy levels. And books, toys and games make each class fun and educational. Yoga unites the body and mind to improve self-esteem, focus and fitness. To participate fully in the class, children should wear comfortable clothes (e.g., leggings/sweats, not dresses, tights or jeans).
Cost: $135 (Min. 6, Max.16 students)

Kitchen Wizards (K – 5th Grade)
Instructors: Kerri Druckmiller and Sondra Nelson
Calling all chefs! Explore cooking in fun and interesting ways as we create recipes that you can make again at home. Each participant will receive a collection of recipes that we make during the class! NOTE: Be sure to note your child’s allergies on your registration for optimum class participation.
Cost: $135 (Min. 8, Max. 15 students)

Experiential Painting (K – 5th Grade)
Instructor: Terry MuellerChildren flourish when they have a creative outlet. Experiential Painting gives kids full freedom to express themselves through painting in a structured, non-judgmental environment. In this class, students will learn how to access creative flow and create paintings that come alive with their authentic nature spilling out onto the page.  Skill develops naturally as the children learn, through experience, how to work with the materials and access their own inner muse. Participants should bring an old shirt or smock to class to protect clothing.Cost: $165 (Min. 6, Max.15 students)

Playground Basketball – MAPP Sports (K – 5th Grade)
Instructor: MAPP Sports
Playground Basketball is a one hour class directed by former pro athlete and Whittier dad Jody Gerut. This class provides a low-stress environment for both girls and boys to learn the basics of basketball while playing the game with enthusiasm! We split the class by age. K-2 will use one half of the gym, grades 3-5 will use the other half. We encourage both girls and boys to enroll in this class! We will pay particularly close attention to each participant to ensure a fantastic and personalized experience for everyone. This is NOT travel basketball. This is Playground Basketball!
Cost: $130 (Min. 10, Max.20 students)

Let’s Get Crafty Basic Sewing & Crafts (2nd – 5th Grade)
Instructors: Georgina Swanson and Nancy Hoehne
Do you like to do different kinds of crafts or sew?  Join Let’s Get Crafty to make a variety of crafts with fabric, yarn and other supplies. It will be a chance to be creative while we make things together and learn new skills.
Cost: $125 (Min. 8, Max. 12 students)

WEDNESDAYS 2:15 – 4:15 pm
(note classes are two hours)

Floor Hockey/Dodgeball (3rd— 5th Grade) Instructor: Legacy Sports
One of WISE’s most popular classes is here again! Floor Hockey/Dodgeball features—you guessed it!—floor hockey and several variations of dodge ball and bombardment. Games will all be played in an intramural format.
Cost: $185 (Min.10, Max.  20 students) includes t-shirt

Homesteading (2nd – 5th Grade)  Instructor: Sugar Beet Schoolhouse
Inspired by our popular Summer 2017 Homesteading Camp, we have pulled together the highlights for an after school program. From making dough to sewing to making beeswax candles, students will learn self reliance “do it yourself” skills that cultivate resourcefulness and an appreciation for the hand made. Each class will have a “make and take” component as kids learn to make useful items for their home. Weavings, candles, paper, books, natural dyes and more! It’s so much fun to make a beautiful home and world together.
Cost: $210 (Min.8; Max. 12 students)

Actor’s Garden: A Play a Day (K – 5th Grade) Instructor: Alex Frisch
Students will take a quick bow as they put on a mini play every class. Each week each student will receive a script, be cast in a role, learn blocking and maybe even put on a costume piece or two.  The only thing we will not have is an audience.  This class is an opportunity to explore putting on production without the added pressure of getting it “performance ready.”  Students will also engage in theatre games and acting exercises, making this class a perfect blend of process and product. This is all about FUN!
Cost: $210 (Min. 9; Max. 15 students)

THURSDAYS 3:15 – 4:15 pm

Multi-Sport Madness  (K – 2nd Grade)
Instructor: Legacy Sports
One of Legacy Sports’ most popular programs includes variations of traditional gym games like relay races, tag, capture the flag, dodgeball, and soccer, as well as our popular Legacy games like Hand Hockey, Illinois Jones and Battleship. You don’t want to miss out!
Cost: $125 (Min. 10; Max. 20 students) includes t-shirt

Dynamic Chess  (K – 5th Grade)
Instructor: William Aramil
Classes are intended to increase the chess knowledge of every child. In addition, children will be able to apply the overall thinking skills learned from the chess program to other areas within their education. Each student will begin as a Pawn (the first level) and progress their way up to a King (the 6th level) as they show their efficiency and mastery of topics within the curriculum. All playing levels are welcome, including absolute beginners! All children signed up for Dynamic Chess at Whittier will be given access to Chesskid.com for an entire calendar year ($50 value). Children will be able to play others in class and all over the world online, watch videos, and work on several exercises to unlock online achievements!
Cost: $155 (Min. 10, Max. 40 students)

Programming Ozobots (3rd – 5th Grade)
Instructors: Paula Spring and Rachel Molnar
Come explore the Ozobot Bit, a small robot you can program to do fun things like move, turn, spin, and flash colors. To start, we will draw lines and segments to program the Ozobot. Then we will use an online visual block-based editor called OzoBlockly. Learn some fun coding and watch as your Ozobot follows your commands.
Cost: $125 (Min. 6, Max. 12 students)

The Science Lab (K – 5th Grade)
Instructors: Caroline Baker and Kathy Villasin
Discover and learn about science in the world around you in ways you never expected!  With the classroom as our lab, each week you’ll become the scientists and conduct exciting experiments. Together we will investigate topics from all disciplines of science.  Our experiments will often include something gooey, strange, stinky, colorful, explosive, pretty, or surprising, and will always be fun!  We’ll take time to learn about what’s happening in each lab.  Students will be encouraged to generate and share their own ideas about the science behind what they observe.  Participants will also finish the class with a lab book of experiments that can be conducted again at home.
Cost: $135 (Min. 7, Max. 15 students)  SOLD OUT!!