About Whittier PTO


Welcome to Whittier PTO!  The Whittier Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer team made up of teachers, staff, parents, and guardians of students attending Whittier Elementary School.  The PTO builds connection between home and school, and is dedicated to promoting academic success as well as social and emotional growth for all children at Whittier.  Whittier PTO requires no membership dues; all teachers, staff, parents, and guardians of students enrolled at Whittier Elementary School are considered members of Whittier PTO.

The PTO consists of an elected leadership team, committee chairs, and many other parent, guardian, faculty, and staff volunteers who contribute their time, energy, and talents to the numerous PTO programs and events that support our students and build our community.

Take a look — you’ll be amazed at all we do!

Most of the programs and activities at Whittier aside from the basic educational curriculum are sponsored and funded by the PTO.  Whittier PTO provides and/or supports the following academic and cultural enrichment at Whittier:

Whittier Is Enriched! (WISE)                                                              World Language Program
ACES-All Children Experience Success                                          Homework Helpers
Teacher Classroom Support & Grants                                             Field Trips Transportation Costs
Green Team                                                                                         Wellness Committee
Diversity Committee                                                                           Whittier Refugee Welcome Project               
Oak Park Educational Foundation Programs                                  Student Council Student Grants
Camp Edward Need-Based Scholarships                                        Author Visits
One Book, One School                                                                      School Library Subscriptions
Opera for the Young                                                                           Hubbard Street Dance
Theatrical Performances                                                                   

Whittier PTO strives to build a strong sense of community within the school and between school and home.  We all know it takes a village, and studies have shown time and time again that academic achievement improves for children when parents and guardians are more involved at school.  School events are a great way to socialize with other families, get to know teachers and school staff, and to show children that school is an important part of their life and yours.

Kindergarten and New Family Meet & Greet                                  Back to School Picnic
Whittier Common Ground Coffee                                                    Fall Harvest Dance
Pumpkin Festival                                                                               Halloween Parade
Turkey Trot                                                                                         Service Day
End of Year Picnic                                                                             Olympic Day 
SIT Family Nights

Whittier PTO funds and/or organizes the following programs that commemorate and celebrate our teachers, staff, and students.

Teacher Dinners                                                                                5th Grade Luncheon
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon                                                     Whittier Yearbook
Retirement Gifts

Whittier PTO’s programs and events are funded by donations and fundraising activities held throughout the year.

Wildcat Fun Run                                                                                Fall and Spring Book Fairs
Trivia Night                                                                                         Fun Fair
Silent Auction                                                                                    Art To Remember
Birthday Books                                                                                  Box Tops
Restaurant Nights                                                                             Whittier Wear
Whittier at the Movies                                                                       Whittier School Kits

Whittier PTO volunteers also help keep the school community informed by maintaining the following publications and programs:

Digital Backpack Weekly Email                                                       Greenleaf Newsletter
Tuesday Newsday Packets                                                              PTO Liaisons
Whittier PTO Website