Current Volunteer Signups

Check back here to see the latest opportunities for you to become a Wildcat volunteer!  Sign up for a shift if you can!

Spring Session WISE Volunteer Needed! (Weekly, April 1- May 30) We need 5 volunteers for each day WISE runs: 3 attendance and 2 disimissal volunteers.  WISE Attendance Volunteers take attendance in the auditorium and supervise students until they are dismissed to their instructors and Dismissal Volunteers ensure that students are safely dismissed and picked up after classes.  Attendance volunteers receive a $50 refund for one class to be received after registration.  WISE cannot run without its volunteers!  You can sign up here.

Green Team Volunteers Needed! (Various Dates) We’re looking for some helpers to take the lead on various projects throughout the year: Earth Day, Recycling Management, Zero-Waste, Fall Thatcher Woods Hike, and much more!  We have something for every schedule– small one-off commitments and behind the scenes planning– check it out! You can sign up here.