Spring Silent Auction!

The Spring Silent Auction at the Fun Fair was a great success, but it’s still not too late for you to get in on some great parties and fun events!


Here’s a complete listing of auction items still available.

There are still a number of slots open for some great parties and events. So check them out today and join in the fun while raising money for the PTO!

Who Done It? Detective Science Party (For Kids)
7th Annual Whittier Classic Softball Matchup (For Kids)
Kid’s Dodgeball
Pokemon Tournament & Card Giveaway (For Kids)
Accessory Swap Party (For Adults)
Adult Dodgeball
Game Night for Adults
Luau Party (For Adults)
Poker Party (For Adults)
Totally Rad 80s Party (For Adults)
Trivial Pursuit Game Night (For Adults)
Staycation in Style (For Adults)

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